Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system readies for winter with zMAX.

Being the second largest school district in North Carolina, CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools) is already preparing for the winter weather to keep their fleet running without hindering the transportation of over 90,000 students. The unique molecular lubrication zMAX affords them assists in easier starts during cold weather as well as several other benefits including better performance and reduced wear on vital engine parts. We welcome CMS to our lineup of important commercial customers.

  • Public school system in Mecklenburg County (NC), est 1960
  • Second largest school district in North Carolina
  • Eighteenth largest in the nation
  • Over 135,600 students enrolled
  • Budget $1.4 billion
  • 21 high schools, 32 middle schools, 94 elementary schools
  • On average, 90,000 students ride 955 school buses daily
  • Buses travel 105,663 miles each day

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For Yachting and Charter Industries

  • Decreased fuel consumption

  • Significantly decreased oil burn

  • Visibly cleaner oil, prolonging service intervals

  • Reduced exhaust smoke

Usage: Oil application is 5% by volume. Fuel, hydraulic and gearbox application is 1% by volume.