Buy in bulk to take advantage of special pricing. By virtue of reducing harmful carbon deposits, zMAX Micro-lubricant helps provide for easier starts, improved performance and extended engine life. The 12oz Fuel and Engine bottle treats the engine or the fuel. The 32oz treats the fuel, engine, trans and power steering. And AVBLEND is for aircraft engines.

  • zMAX Car Dealer Formula

    zMAX Fuel & Engine Formula (Case of 24)

    Product #52-212-CS

    For use in the fuel or oil. Add the full 12oz to engine oil or the fuel (gas or diesel) every 6,000 miles or 6 months.

  • zMAX 32oz Multi-Purpose Formula (Case of 12)

    zMAX 32oz Multi-Purpose Formula (Case of 12)

    Product #55032-CS

    One bottle treats the engine, fuel, transmission and power steering.

  • AVBLEND Case of 24

    AVBLEND (Case of 24)

    Product #33012-CS

    AVBLEND 12oz bottle, Case of 24

    FAA approved for piston aircraft engines. Reduce carbon, extend engine life.