Your vehicle is an investment, whether it's a classic, one with a few years on it or a new purchase. To help protect itzMAX Micro-lubricant soaks into metal to disperse harmful carbon build-up. Carbon deposits increase friction, wear and tear on internal parts of the engine, fuel system and transmission. By virtue of reducing carbon deposits, zMAX Micro-lubricant helps improve performance, reduce wear on vital engine parts and extend engine life. Don't drive without it.


"I have been using zMax in all my cars for at least the last 20 years. (Fuel, engine & transmission) Now I know why. I was driving on the freeway doing 70 when my radiator hose broke. I lost all the water in my engine. I ended up driving the car for over an hour without any water. Thanks to zMax the engine never seized. I got to where I was going and bought a replacement hose, replaced the water and all was fine. I was good to go. I always put zMax in all my cars always!!! I am a confirmed believer!!!!"

V. Russo