Make sure your firearm is ready when you are. Protect, clean and condition it with BoltLube and Bore Cleaner and Conditioner. As zMAX Micro-lubricant soaks into metal, it reduces carbon build-up, penetrates and conditions metal parts. Does not gum up. NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) recommended.

  • BoltLube & Bore Cleaner/Conditioner by zMAX - 2pk

    BoltLube & Bore Cleaner/Conditioner by zMAX - 2pk

    Product #50-303

    1.5 fl oz per bottle. Complete gun cleaning system! Lubricates, cleans and conditions. Does not gum up.

  • BoltLube by zMAX

    BoltLube by zMAX

    Product #50-202

    1.5 fl oz. BoltLube™ with zMAX Micro-lubricant® offers the most effective gun lube and carbon build-up eliminator. Does not gum up.

  • Bore Cleaner & Conditioner by zMAX

    Bore Cleaner & Conditioner by zMAX

    Product #50-101

    1.5 fl oz. Bore Cleaner & Conditioner soaks into the pores for ideal gun cleaning and conditioning. Does not gum up.


Why You Need zMAX for Your Firearms

zMAX Micro-lubricant® is a science-based product with molecules smaller than those of conventional oils. Once zMAX is applied to the internal parts of your firearm, it disperses carbon and other harmful deposits, protecting your firearm from the inside out.

It Does Not Gum Up Firearm Mechanisms

zMAX's ability to soak into metal gives you the following benefits:

  • Reduced carbon build-up
  • Metal parts stay lubricated
  • Fast and easy clean-up
  • Particles are prevented from adhering to metal

The Tests Show zMAX Micro-Lubricant Works

Boltlube® and Bore Cleaner and Conditioner contain the proprietary component of zMAX Micro-lubricant.

Over the past 50 years, hundreds of tests have been conducted on zMAX, including consumer tests using the product in everyday, real-life situations. The important tests are the industry test protocols conducted in our own laboratory and by independent labs around the country. The results of these tests show that zMAX:

  • Soaks into metal
  • Prevents premature wear
  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces deposits
  • Helps extend gun life

Using this same formula, Boltlube and Bore Cleaner and Conditioner by zMAX Micro-lubricant extend this performance to all firearms.

Benefits of Using zMAX Boltlube® and Bore Cleaner and Conditioner

BoltLube™ consists of zMAX Micro-lubricant® blended with various high-quality ingredients for heavier lubrication. Does not gum up. This perfect consistency helps BoltLube® adhere to gun parts to help:

  • Provide ideal lubrication
  • Less wear and reduced friction
  • Reduced carbon build-up
  • Fast and easy clean up

Bore Cleaner & Conditioner does not gum up firearm mechanisms. It soaks into the pores of the metal parts to provide:

  • Ideal cleaning and conditioning of gun bores, barrels, actions and contact surfaces
  • Metal parts stay lubricated
  • Fast and easy clean-up
  • Particles are prevented from adhering to metal
  • Reduction of build-up of combustion by-products, lead, and copper, preventing bore fouling

How to Use BoltLube and Bore Cleaner & Conditioner / FAQs

Ensure your firearm is unloaded and cleared before use. Apply liberally. Repeat frequently.


For a list of frequently asked questions, refer to the following PDF documents.


The BoltLube formula was a blessing at Georgia Gun Training.  We kept looking for a lube that would stay in place on the bolt carriers of ARs.  All the products either gummed up or just disappeared.  BoltLube is thick enough to stay in place.  The zMAX component suspends the carbon and prevents it sticking to the parts.  The Bore Cleaner and Conditioner is the best ultra-penetrating oil, and breaks loose the carbon, copper, and lead accumulations.

- I. Chandler, GGT, LLC

As an owner of 11 AR-15 rifles varying from the most desirable on the market to what some may consider "bottom shelf", my range days are more enjoyable and productive as zMAX "BoltLube" boosts my longevity and reliability giving me that extra push to achieve results.  I know I can eliminate my rifle from the list of failures and thus improve my skills as a shooter. 

- B. Donnelly

Over many years I have tried a wide variety of products to lubricate autoloaders with mixed results.  I have found BoltLube to be a superior product for AR type actions, especially when firing heavy fouling (surplus) ammunition.

- P. Dean

Based on the longevity and cleanliness of other semiautomatic or bolt-action lubricants that I have used in the past, BoltLube seems to hold a high standard. I have used many different types of ammunition, from the cleanest match ammo to the dirtiest of foreign surplus, and my AR has never noticed a difference in regards to cycling when using this product. I now have several bottles and use it on all of my firearms.

- B. Barger

I have used BoltLube exclusively on my Savage 308 bolt gun, with perfect results.  The real test, however, has been my AR platform rifle in 300 BLK, often fired suppressed.  This is a very dirty combination, and BoltLube has not let me down. High heat, lots of crud, no problem. I will continue to use and recommend BoltLube.

- J. Barger

I was introduced to BoltLube when it was in its pre-production stages. As a gunsmith I was excited to test this product. Over the past year and a half I have been pleased with BoltLube's performance in every application. It it light enough to use on trigger components and improve the overall feel. It is heavy enough to be used on AR-15 bolt carrier groups and stay where you put it during cycle of operations. Outstanding product! 

- Moss, Gunsmith

zMAX Boltlube is the most amazing product I have seen and I have tried many different so-called super lubes, but zMAX Boltlube lives up to its claims and more. On my Rock River AR-15, I actually thought hard about installing a nickel-boron coated bolt and carrier assembly, but with zMAX lube that's not even a consideration anymore. After thoroughly removing all the old lube from the entire gun, using zMAX made the carrier movement smoother from the get go. And no more scraping carbon from the bolt. It wipes right off. The Bore also comes cleaner so much more easily then ever before. And even though it has a match trigger, it even works more smoothly than before zMAX. Even on standard bolt guns, it makes cycling the bolt so much easier. As long as they make it available, it will be all I ever use. You won't believe the difference. Its almost like magic. If you're not using zMAX Boltlube, you're making a huge mistake. Don't waste your precious time cleaning anymore. Use zMAX Boltlube and save time and wear.

- Swingford, Sidney, Ohio

Michelle Chestnut, a 17 year-old long range rifle competitor, uses zMAX lubricant on her rifles to reduce the effects of copper and carbon fouling. Michelle competes in sanctioned matches with 50 bmg rifles at a range of 1000 yards. She is a two-time world champion in her age group . She and her zMAX lubricated rifle achieved her highest score of any class at the world championship.


J. Barger has used BoltLube exclusively on his Savage 308 bolt gun, with perfect results. The real test, however, has been his AR platform rifle in 300 BLK, often fired suppressed. Boltlube combats this very dirty combination with ease. High heat, lots of crud, no problem.