Carroll Shelby, Automotive Hall of Fame and Racing Legend

"I've built over 100 different kinds of cars... Shelby Cobra, over 20,000 Shelby Mustang, the Viper... at 77, I wanted to see if I could build another good automobile like the Cobra. I call the car the Series One. We're putting zMAX in each and every one that leave the factory. It penetrates the metal, decreases the friction, cleans the carbon residue out of the engine. Therefore it gives you a more efficient engine and a lot more durability. I've got my reputation to protect and I wouldn't recommend zMAX unless I knew it worked."

Sean D. Tucker - Aviation

The Sean D. Tucker Survival Story
Reprinted from Piper Magazine

Customer Testimonials

"...there was no wear whatsoever on the engine cylinders..."

325,000 Miles and Still Going!

I have a 2002 Saturn SC2 DOHC that I purchased brand new. As I intended to drive this vehicle until it died, I decided to use zMAX as it simply made sense to me. Well, I've driven that vehicle 325,000 normal miles. That's well over once around the world each year. The engine has spent over 90% of its life running between 2,500 to 3,000 RPM. Not loafing along by any means. While not a professional mechanic, I've always repaired my own vehicles and having once been a motorhead, I've built my share of engines. I lost compression in one cylinder and diagnosed it as being valve related. Not having a lot of time for the vehicle to be down, I went on a search for a used head. While doing so, I noticed the typical accumulation of oil "crud" you see inside the valve cover. All the ones I looked at had about 90,000 miles on them. I purchased a nicely rebuilt head from a motor head once planning to do a turbo project. While removing the head, I immediately noticed their was virtually no crud, just a film. and the cams had a goldish, burnished sheen to them I had never noticed before on such components. After removing the head, one exhaust valve was burnt, the source of the problem. I noticed it very easy to remove the carbon from the tops of the pistons simply by using a putty knife after a little soaking in carb cleaner. This never happened before and I've done plenty of valve jobs over the last 40 years. What really grabbed my attention was there was no wear whatsoever on the engine cylinders, none. I could not discern by touch even a hint of ring grooving at all. You could readily see the cross hatching from the factory cylinder hone. I replaced the entire timing chain set as it was at its wear limit due to stretch, the old cam and crank sprockets matched almost identically with the new ones showing very little wear at all. Simply amazing in my book. Based on past experience, I can safely attribute this to using your product. I've never endorsed anything before and have hi-resolution photo's of the cylinders to back it up. Who knows how long this engine will last but I'm going to see if I can find out. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

- J. Aiken

"...engine idles extremely steady and smooth..."

Ok, I want to start out by saying that I've tried many oil additives and fuel treatments over the years that claim to do this and that.  Well today I decided to add the zMAX oil and fuel treatments to my 2007 Jeep Wrangler with 107,700 miles on the odometer.  Before adding zMAX the jeep had a very slight lifter tick at every cold start up, which would go away after oil got flowing. I read the instructions and added your product as instructed and WOW!!!!  I'm in complete amazement! Instantly the tick went away and the engine idles extremely steady and smooth, with zero noise!  After being blown away by the results I quickly ran out and bought zMAX for my 2015 Chevy Silverado, my 87 Buick Grand National and my wife's 2011 Mercedes SUV.  I will forever use this product in all my vehicles at every oil change! zMAX works as advertised!!!!!

- M. Bohn, NJ

No B.S. This stuff does EXACTLY as advertised. My 2008 GMC Sierra with 4x4, 95,600+ miles: all whistles - gas mileage improved and at-idle rpm down. Runs smooth as silk. Thanks, zMAX!

- G. Schultz, MI

I have a '68 Chevelle 496 Cl, Turbo 400. I push it to the limit on the track. In the past I've kicked rods out the side. Since I started using zMAX, I've had fewer problems. The fact that Carroll Shelby was part of this and Bruton Smith named a track after it, how could I go wrong. I use the Oil, Fuel and Trans products in all my vehicles. A lot cheaper than replacing a motor, trans or injectors. Thanks for making a quality product. Chevelle

- D. Zorn, IL

"zMAX... it really works!"

Just wanted to let you know how great zMAX is. I have 7 cars/vans and I have been using your product for about 12 years. I drive with confidence knowing I have zMAX in my vehicle. Thanks!

D. Caldwell, CA

Hello, I wanted to give you a report about my use of zMAX engine treatment. I have a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2. It currently has 272,000 miles on it and is still running strong! For the last 146,000 miles I have added zMAX engine treatment to my oil every other oil change. I change oil every 3000 miles. I recently sent a sample of my oil into Blackstone Labs to see how my car is doing after so many miles. The oil report showed that my car fell well under all the base levels of wear. Also my emissions always test very, very low and surprise the testers. Can I attribute the low wear and low emissions to religiously using zMAX? Maybe so. Here is the summary of the oil report from Blackstone: STEVEN: Thanks for letting us know about the zMAX. That additive won't show up in our testing, but some do, so it's always a good thing to mention. Your Escort really isn't making much metal at an impressive 271,835 miles. Of course, the universal average interval for these engines is about 6,300 miles so low wear on a shorter run is good, but metals are still low enough to show that the oil-sharing parts in this engine are getting along. The TBN is 4.2, which is well above our 1.0 lower limit for that test. Check back with 4,000 miles on the next oil change to start trends. 

- S. Norquist, CA

I've been using your products in the engine and transmission of my 2003 Ford F-150 and have acquired 270,000 miles without an overhaul. Works great. Thank you!

- R. Holiday, LA

My 2010 Acura TL SH had been burning nearly 4 quarts of oil between oil changes, which resulted in a rough engine (especially when I was running low on oil). All the online forums indicated this could be normal, so I was close to trading in my car. On the way home from a business trip I sat next to a car expert, who recommended I try zMax to see if it would help. I added 1 bottle to the crankshaft and 1 to half a tank of gas. To my amazement I went through a whole oil change without adding any oil, plus my car runs like a brand new car at 140,000 miles. Thank you zMax!

- Andy Patel

I just recently purchased your products for my two vehicles. I saw an episode on Truck U where one of the hosts went to your raceway and told the story of your products. This convinced me to try your products. Well, as I said, when I received the products, I first used them in my 2008 Ford F-150 FX4 which has 85,000 miles. I immediately noticed that the power steering does not whine anymore, and the transmission shifts like it did when it was new. If the fuel and engine treatments work that well I'll be delighted. I have since used the treatments in my wife's 2004 Ford Explorer. This stuff is GREAT! I'll be back!

- T. Vest

"My van now has 304,000 miles! Great investment!"

I have used a bottle of zMAX Engine Treatment faithfully with every oil change since I got my 1991 Chevy Astro Ext. cargo van in late 1996. It had 98k miles on it. 3 changes per year x 17=51+2=53 bottles. 53x$30=$1590 in zMAX. My van now has 304,000 miles!!! Great investment!

Your super loyal customer,

- S. Brown, CA

"Over 1 Million Miles plus the hrs on my equipment. I know this stuff works..."

1993 Surb-215,000; 1992 GMC-310,000; 1995 Camaro-185,000; 2000 GMC-265,000; 2002 Envoy-175,000; and a 21yr old B&S Engine that broke a rod last Nov... Over 1 Million Miles plus the hrs on my equipment. I know this stuff works...

- T. Atkins

I've been using zMAX in my 1999 Ford Ranger with 198.000 miles and I get 22mpg and doesn't burn any oil.

R. Elliott, CA

I recommend zMAX to all my friends and family... LOVE IT! Picked up miles per gallon in an old work van that we just purchased. 199,000 miles on her. Runs smooth and quiet now. Thanks zMAX "dudes & dudettes"!

T. Lutz

"They said the engine still looks like it came from the factory."

I just bought a new mower to mow six acres a week. I'm looking to get the same results as I do using zMAX in my Santa Fe. Just had the 100,000 mile check-up and still no valve adjustment. They said the inside of the engine still looks like just came from the factory. Putting over 80 miles one way each day, I can say your product works! Keep up the good work.

- W. Boedecker, TX

I own a 2009 Ford Taurus with 125k miles. The transmission began acting up: hard shifts, not downshifting, slow shifting. Being as that the Taurus has a sealed transmission, I was looking at either a major overhaul ($$) or a new tranny altogether ($$$). A mechanic friend of mine suggested adding a bottle of zMAX. I gotta tell you, I was a little hesitant because I had added another transmission additive (rhymes with pea phone) and it didn't do anything. Boy was I wrong.

After a few days, I noticed a definite improvement. The transmission is back to normal! I haven't had any episodes of hard shifting or a failure to downshift since adding the zMAX. I don't often recommend products, but I'm making an exception. This stuff is amazing!


- K. Langstaff, Grayson, KY

"...thanks for providing a product that actually does all it claims."

I want to tell you guys - your stuff is tops. This is Bob. I'm 55, have owned over 3 dozen cars in my life -can name em all, and have tried multitudes of various additives for different things. Yours is the very 1st I've ever bothered to contact and compliment. In December 2015, I purchased an 89 mighty max truck. Noticed it had a hell of a tranny noise in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th gear (never 4th). But I loved the truck and bought it. I changed the tranny fluid and added your zMAX tranny formula. Right away the noise decreased and has gotten quieter every day I've used it since! I'm amazed at how well and fast this stuff works and would recommend it to everyone. Seriously good stuff guys. Kudos and thanks for providing a product that actually does all it claims. One very satisfied customer. Thanks.

-B. Bonnet

Hello! zMAX. I would like to thank you for keeping your making of your product in USA, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA the Greatest country that ever was and will ever be! I am as happy with the zMAX as I am with your U.S. company.

- S. Lewis

"zMAX is amazing!"

zMAX stopped oil smoke from my old 1989 Dodge Caravan and raised the idle to 200 rpm. This bottle is also going into my 1987 Plymouth Voyager just to have it in the motor.


L. Stark, MT

I use zMAX on all my machinery. I am a disabled vet on fixed income, so preventative maintenance is a big deal to me. zMAX definately helps me save big money.

- Mike, OR

"After adding zMAX, the steering was smoother and easier."

I am impressed with zMAX! Great Product!!! I have been working on and driving motorcycles, hot rods, off-road trucks to family vehicles for 50 years. I have tried many products that make claims that are, in my opinion, rarely met. I took notice of your product zMAX from a commercial on one of the car rebuild/auto programs. I have been having a serious noise problem with the steering pump on my Dodge Grand Caravan for over four years. These pumps are notoriously noisy. I tried everything to no avail. The next step was to replace the pump at a huge price tag. I paid what I thought, at the time, was a lot of money for that little zMAX bottle. I replaced about 6oz of steering fluid with zMAX. Started up the engine, turned the wheel back and forth 5-6 times and it got quieter with every turn. I drove the van around the block and by the time I turned into my driveway, the noise had completely stopped and the steering was a lot smoother and easier. I am a new fan and believer. That little bottle was worth every penny!!

Thank you,

- M. Pardini

I've used zMAX in my vehicles for years. Our Hyundai has high mileage now, and it's still going like new! Thanks, zMAX, for a great product!

- W.Boedecker, IL

I have used zMAX in my cars for years. This note is not about my cars, it is about my lawn mower. I was having trouble starting my lawn mower for a few months so I thought let's see what this zMAX product does.  I put a few ounces in the oil and the fuel and pulled the start handle, started immediately.  So now I put a few ounces in when I add fuel and have had no problems starting my old lawn mower. It has started on one pull for over 1.5 years now and counting.

- P. Cimoli

I love your product and how it has extended the life of my '96 Ford Thunderbird. I do not drive this car often but when I do, it starts without hesitation do in part to your product. I'm proud to say I'll be able to pass this car to my son in three years because of zMAX.

- S. Battito, PA

"Thanks to zMAX, the engine never seized."

I have been using zMAX in all my cars for at least the last 20 years. (Fuel, engine & transmission) Now I know why. I was driving on the freeway doing 70 when my radiator hose broke. I lost all the water in my engine. I ended up driving the car for over an hour without any water. Thanks to zMAX the engine never seized. I got to where I was going and bought a replacement hose, replaced the water and all was fine. I was good to go. I always put zMAX in all my cars always!!! I am a confirmed believer!!!!

- V. Russo

Six vehicles from one customer - all use zMAX: '59 VW Beetle, '99 Ford Lightning, '02 Lexus SC430, '13 Ford C-Max, '14 Mercedes CLA, and '14 Mustang Shelby... Thank you, Mr. Ehrman!

- H. Ehrman, FL

"It's unbelievable to me that none of the bearings were hurt."

Just want to say that I believe zMAX saved the motor in my car. Over the weekend I broke an oil line on my car and the motor went dry in less 60 seconds. Had the car towed to my job and the car had less then 2oz of oil in it. Fixed the broken line, filled it back up with oil and it is perfectly fine. No metal in the oil. All oil pressures are normal even after car is warmed up and I think the only reason is because I regularly us zMAX every 3-4 oil changes. It's unbelievable to me that none of the bearings were hurt. Just wanted to say THANKS ALOT and I'll be using it on every vehicle I own.

- R. Teti

I have used zMAX in my previous vehicle, a '97 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, 3.8v6. I gave the car to my son who is still driving it with 210,000 miles and going strong. I am now using zMAX in my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here's to another 210,000 miles on the Jeep. Thanks, you zMAX!

-D. Grinnell

I have been using zMAX in all my vehicles since 06 with great results. I've used all forms Engine, Fuel, and Transmission... 03 grand am, 06 dodge charger, 03 ford f150 xlt fx4, 09 Pontiac g8 gt.. Well recently I bought a Diesel truck 06 ford f250 lariat fx4. I of course used your product, this truck has 248k miles and it's been ridden hard. I put in the engine formula, and I think original owner never used a single additive. The moment I put the fluid in, the exhaust burped out so much build-up my EGR valve has thrown a code. Tomorrow I'll be pulling the valve and cleaning all the soot. So this isn't a complaint, yes it sucks my new used truck has to be worked on. But this is a happy customer, I know your product works. I've felt it in performance, seen it on engine shake, proven gain in old performance, and I know it cleans the heads and seals... Thank you!

- K. Kreidler

"Shifts like it did when it had 200,000kms."

My tranny has over 400,000kms on it and shifted very ruff and took forever to shift. Within an hour of driving it shifts like it did when it had 200,000 kms on it hardly notice it shift anymore. Before it shook the whole truck really bad, now just beautiful. Maybe I'll get another 100,000kms or so out of it!! Highly recommended for any vehicle with any age to keep it running strong for years to come.
-Online review

I changed my oil and added a bottle of zMAX to the fuel and to the engine oil and within a few days my cold-startup lifter ticking was gone. No other additive, flush, oil or filter combination was able to achieve this. Excellent product!

-Online review

I have used zMAX in every car/truck I have owned (including 3 motorcycles, 2 lawnmowers, 3 weedeaters and one chain saw). I have told over 200 people (stopped counting after 200). Recently, I put zMAX in my 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 and will continue to do so. I will continue letting people know about your great product!

- M. Paoli, SC

"Our vehicles now shift like new. Best money I've spent."

First off, I have never been impressed enough to contact a manufacturer about their product until now. Finally a product that actually works better than expected. Wow! Out of desperation and much study I decided to try your transmission additive for my 124,000 mile GMC Sierra. My transmission was shifting very hard with noticeable clutch shuddering. Within 10 minutes of adding your product to my transmission I started noticing a dramatic change in shifting smoothness. The same result was achieved in my son's high mileage Altima. They both now shift like new vehicles again. Amazing! I was so excited that I didn't have to spend money on a rebuilt transmission that I told all my friends at work about my success with your product. Thanks for your amazing additive! Best money I have ever spent! It was particularly helpful to me since I need my hard earned money to get my youngest through college. Thanks again!

- M. Ray

I just wanted to say what an awesome company you guys are. Your company has never let me down with any of us its products and that is import when I'm choosing a product I can trust to not let me down. Plus you also stand behind your products as well. Please keep up the good work!

- R. Dayan, Phoenix, AZ

"My engine thanks you!"

Thank you again for zMAX. My cargo van is our travel van and now has over 250,000 miles. My engine thanks you.

- D. Schultz, CO

I bought zMAX Transmission Formula for my Lexus ES 300 2003. The 1st gear of the transmission was slipping and creating a disgusting noise. My mechanic recommended to replace the transmission. I decided no (195 000Km); added zMAX and 3 hrs later no more noisy transmission. This product is awesome!

- Online review, J. Casha, Manalapan, NJ

I've had good luck with your product - one engine is now 21 years old with 160000+ miles and still going strong!

- R. Anderson

"No other "additive" comes close!"

As a kid I recall seeing a commercial for zMAX in the late 90's and was captivated by its abilities to absorb into the metal itself. I always swore to use it in whatever vehicle I'd have in my possession in my adult years as my grandfather was a mechanic I took up working on small engines early on. First car I owned was a 93' accord nearing 200k miles, I used zMAX in the engine, trans and oil and after about 3k miles when the car was running and you couldn't even tell it was on from zero vibration. I've continued to use it in every vehicle, motorcycle, and outdoor equipment machinery I've owned since I was 18 back in 05' and will continue for the remainder of my lifetime. No other additive comes close to the cleaning results I've seen first hand of zMAX for the internal workings of the cylinder heads, valves, and fuel system itself.

- Mike P.

Wow! What a difference this has made! Used on my 15 yr. old Lexus Rx350...Better engine performance (get up and go) to better gas mileage!

- Online review

I love this product! Been using it in all my cars for over 10 years.

- D. Fierro, CA

"Thanks for saving my motor..."

My wife had our oil changed at one of those quick change auto shops. It was only less then a mile away from our house. When she got back I put zMAX in, and we drove 40 miles to her mother's house. About half way back the engine light came on. The car seemed too be running fine, so we continued. Total round trip 80 miles. When I got back home I checked the oil, only to find that the car had no oil. That's right, no oil showed up on the dip stick. Bottom line - the fast oil change shop never replaced the old after removing it. And I can thank zMAX for saving my motor. This may sound hard to believe, but we never found any oil on the ground or under the chassie. I spoke to several people that have had the same experience at these fast oil change places. Once again I thank you for saving my car.

- Carl

Thank you! for your product. I originally saw your infomercial about 20 years ago. I bought my 1991 Chevy Astro Cargo Van the last week of 1996 with 97K miles on it. I have used zMAX at every oil change since. I now have 292K miles and the engine purrs!

- S. Brown

"zMAX saved my buddy's motorcycle engine!"

An additive that actually works and cheaper than an engine rebuild. Give zMAX a try and you will most likely be a customer for life. I know I am. friend has an '88 Vulcan and was having some operational "issues" so I recommended he add zMAX because I have had good experience with the product ('82 280ZX, '84 Camaro Z28, '72 Camaro, '97 Toyota Tacoma, '89 Yamaha Virago 700, '95 Virago 1100, '97 Yamaha Royal Star Deluxe and '00 BMW 540i). First off, it solved his rough running engine and really altered it's performance for the best.

One hot day he came over to go for a ride and I noticed a very thin line of oil trailing him as he drove up my driveway. His oil plug had dropped off and his crankcase was COMPLETELY drained of oil but the engine was still running (albeit a bit noisy). He had just gotten off the freeway where he had been doing 75mph. We immediately shut her down, ran to the auto parts store for an oil plug and fresh oil. As soon as we had refilled the crankcase, the engine smoothed out, became "quiet" again and all power was restored. I attribute the lack of engine seizure to the zMAX because without the additive, I guarantee that the engine would've completely seized without oil. He still has this bike 4-years later and it still runs smoothly.

Nothing can convince me that zMAX doesn't work because of my experience. If you don't get the results they promise, your vehicle already has other maintenance issues or is too new to notice the benefits. Knocking the sludge out of your engine and clogging your oil pump is merely a testament to the effectiveness of the product.

- Epinions customer
Nov 2, 2012

I've been using zMAX going on 3 years now on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT that now romps around like a filly! Amazing stuff... I swear by it!

- W. Tinnes

zMAX has eliminated my engine ticking in my 08 GT500. I just did a second bottle after hard driving over the last month and that's what it took to completely eliminate it. It is amazing my engine runs smoother than ever and the ticking that would never stop with [other additives] alone is completely gone. Thanks!

- D. Miller

"My engines run smoother and fuel mileage has increased."

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for developing and marketing such a great product. I use zMAX products in both of my vehicles…..a 2004 Mercury Monterey with 147,000 miles and a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan with 166,000 miles. I recently had the valve cover gaskets replaced on the Dodge and the technician remarked that the interior mechanics were very clean for a vehicle with that many miles on it. I was pleased to hear that and when he actually showed me what the area looked like I was impressed. I've always been one who follows the maintenance schedule of whatever vehicle I've purchased and using zMAX products helps very much. I've noticed that my engines run smoother and I especially notice how quiet the idle is. My fuel mileage has increased since using your products. I faithfully use the engine treatment on each and every oil change. I also use the fuel treatment with each tank fill-up and try to faithfully top off my tanks at each half tank.

I bought the engine and fuel packs for my sons to try in their vehicles and asked them to let me know what their results were once they tried them. I'm pleased to report that they are now zMAX users and believers in the products.

At the rate things are going I foresee driving my vehicles for much longer than I may have anticipated. They are both reliable and dependable vehicles due to regular maintenance and upkeep and the regular use of zMAX products. I'm a big promoter of zMAX products due to my personal experiences with them. I can honestly testify to the differences that I have noticed when zMAX is used and when it isn't.

Again, thank you very much for your wonderful products. I shall continue to be a faithful zMAX customer.

- R. Napue

"She and her zMAX lubricated rifle achieved her highest score of any class..."

Michelle Chestnut, a 17-year-old long range rifle competitor, uses zMAX lubricant on her rifles to reduce the effects of copper and carbon fouling. Michelle competes in sanctioned matches with 50 bmg rifles at a range of 1000 yards. She is a two-time world champion in her age group. She and her zMAX lubricated rifle achieved her highest score of any class at the world championship.

"zMAX... is the ultimate problem solver for dry and/or rusty pivot points."

My use for zMAX is a bit out of the ordinary. I work in the ag industry as a custom applicator of chemicals and dry fertilizer. The machines I use for the commercial fertilizer applications are constantly in abrasive, acidic, and dusty conditions, and with moisture added to that mix, the pins, bushings and pivot points of the machine's booms sometimes will not take grease. The unique zMAX formula works as an ideal penetrating oil to soften the hardened grease while giving the joints lubrication until they can be greased again. zMAX in an impact greaser is the ultimate problem solver for dry and/or rusty pivot points in these harsh conditions.

The steel fittings on the hydraulic hoses of the same machines tend to rust quickly and seize so that if a hose needs to be replaced, many times they cannot be easily taken apart. A shot of zMAX on those connections at the beginning of the season penetrates and lubricates the threads so that repairs and replacements are much easier when they are needed.

It is my pleasure to whole-heartedly endorse such a fine and proven product. And it gets even better: zMAX is made in the U.S.A.!

- J. Moore, One Moore Application

Car is '07 Chevy Trail Blazer SS. Have put zMAX in with every oil change. Now at 35,000 would not go without zMAX!

- W. Deese, GA

"In the AZ heat, I don't burn a drop of oil using zMAX."

I own a 2006, Scion xB and have used your product since purchasing the car brand new...changing the oil every 5000 miles (Valvoline 10w-30) and always adding your oil and fuel treatment with every change.

I've put on 122,000 miles in the 5 years I've owned my car and have had zero mechanical issues. Actually, the only part I've had to replace is the dipstick tube O-ring (other than routine maintenance). I commute 70 miles each day to and from work (the little guy has been cross country several times as well). As you know, Arizona has some pretty harsh summers where day time highs exceed 110 degrees F quite regularly. To this day, I don't burn a drop of oil and he still runs like a scalded dog. I did some performance bolt on upgrades around 60,000 miles...headers, performance exhaust, cold air intake, and a Greddy supercharger just to give me a little more get up and go and I believe that your product continues to provide the extra protection I need to get many more trouble free miles out of my little car.

- Bob C., Apache Junction, AZ

I use your product religiously and would like to display my appreciation. From the first time I used your oil/fuel additives, I immediately felt the change in both fuel consumption & oil treatment. Immediately after using, my Jeep felt as if I had a 40 mph tail wind behind me! Idle was smooth, mpg were extended. I'm on my 5th treatment and tell friends what a difference zMAX makes.

- Marc, Maple Plain, MN

Hello, I just want to give you all a great big THANK YOU, I have been a zMAX user since around 1997. I first saw a TV infomercial, so I ordered. It was funny actually. I received the engine oil and fuel additives, and also small bottle for small engine oil, I put bottle of additive in my small air compressor, the next morning I found a puddle of oil under compressor, but the engine oil is still inside of engine, I found the drain plug was just loose enough to let fine zMAX out, but tight enough to keep engine oil in.

That was when I was a true believer in your product, I have been using zMAX in every vehicle I have owned since then. And my nephew who has grown up with me has been using zMAX in his vehicles since he started driving.

I received a check from you back in 99 or 2000, from a lawsuit, I do not know what it was about. But I took the money, and spent it on zMAX for my vehicle at that time, and just what you to know, I am still a user of zMAX. Thank You, I am so happy to see your product name on SPEED channel on Monsterjam and on Passtime, I sure am glad to see you support such programs.

- Kevin D., Commerce City, CO

"...the smoothness and response is amazing!"

When I bought my 2007 Shelby GT, Old Carroll said I should use zMAX. I tried it once @ 30,000 & was very impressed but decided I did not need it for every oil change. I didn't use it again until 45000, but now I'm absolutely convinced that it makes a tremendous difference in how the engine runs. The oil treatment alone is worth the cost & I will not change oil again w/o zMAX. The smoothness and response is amazing. It's as good as advertised and more. I can tell the difference immediately.

- Don, AL

Was having a warm start and stalling  problem with my 1990 300CE. problem seem to really get worse in hot weather. I purchased zmax at local BMW and followed the instructions and added it to my fuel and oil. The results are dramatic. Now my car starts right up and I cannot even hear it idle at traffic stops! Wonderful!! I've been driving the car for over a month now and not experiencing any of those problems.

- Tyrone

"...[without zMAX] the motor would have seized..."

I am a retired aviator. I have used your product religiously from the time of my military career began and to this day. I had a 99 Jeep Cherokee and I was fishing in Freeport TX about 60 miles from my home. I ran over a piece if angle iron and ripped a 7.5 inch gash in my oil pan. It was about 3:00 am and I decided to try to get as far as I could before calling a tow truck. I never made the call and made it home. Had I not been running your product the motor would have seized within minutes. It makes me laugh when I see the dura-lube and Slick 50 ads running a water hose over an open engine and claiming it is the product. I race cars and tried to get the guy putting on a show at the track one day to stop the water and see how long it would run and was asked to leave. Your product works and has gotten me home in more than my Jeep for what it's worth.

- Respectfully
LT. COL. Lambert RET.

Just a quick note, telling you that your product is amazing!!! I have an '01 Mustang, and I noticed a difference almost right away, once I started using zMAX. I use it regularity, in my oil and fuel. I stand behind your product, recommending it to any other members of the Canadian Military I see. Just to let you know, our mechanics are using it in our vehicles overseas in Afghanistan, where I was for the last 6 months. We all seem to agree. It works!!!

- Paul, Belleville, Ontario

I used it on my mustang with 50K miles and before I used it I noticed that my valve train had a yellowish tint on the metal surfaces and after a did a zMAX it cleaned everything up and made it look so shiny and new I was amazed. I will be using it in all my 4 vehicles every 6K miles.

- Orlando Torres, NY

"...300,400 miles...what more proof do you need..."

The company I work for purchased a 1995 Ford Ranger pick-up several years ago with 84,000 miles on it. I use synthetic oil and service it every 5-to-6,000 miles and add zMAX engine and fuel treatment every oil change. As of this date the truck has 300,400 miles on the odometer. What more proof do you need than this mileage success I've had with my truck by using zMAX.

- J. Casha, Manalapan, NJ

Hi , my name is R. Holland. I have a 493 stroked big block Mopar with a F1 ProCharger 1100 HP. I have 7 broken pistons due to poor design, valve notch too close to ring land. I use zMAX and believe it or not the pistons walls look great. It's going to cost me $1700 to get this back together, but that is better than $5000 had I not used zMAX.

- R. Holland, Westminster, MD

"Feels like a brand new engine."

Recently, I bought a Nissan 93 Pickup with 38,000 miles. After the initial driving period of 5 days, the valve started to knock. The knock was so loud that I thought I bought a diesel! I had a neighbor listen to my engine and he said, " Do an oil change and go buy zMAX! I was disbelieving because I have never been a big believer in those types of products. I have been very religious with my other vehicles. Changing oil every 3,000 miles. One car went 320,000, the other 280,000, and my current one is 74,000 with no problems.

I changed the oil in my truck and added zMAX. I took the car for a drive for 20 minutes, returned home, and still had the knock. I was thinking that I wasted money again on another miracle product. So I went to bed. I drove the truck to work the next day thinking about the upcoming valve job I would be paying for. Then, about half way to work, my noise stopped. I was amazed! I pulled over, revved the engine and no noise! It has been 3 days later and no noise. I am very impressed and have also noticed a big difference with the performance of my truck! With this increased performance, it feels like a brand new engine!

Thank you, for making this product available to the common folk! I love this product and I will keep using it! I have referred 5 people and after reading the web site, I will be referring everyone I come in contact with. I am very excited to go buy another package to use with my other vehicle.

Thank you,
- R. Case

"I've been an aircraft mechanic for 12 years. We used to rebuild piston engines. We used this product called AVBLEND with LinKite and it kept the cylinder walls so clean you couldn't believe it When I found out the zMAX had the LinKite formula in it, I had to have it. I put it in my truck. It increased my gas mileage, smoothed out all the rough ends in my tranny. And when I was four-wheeling the power was right there. It's a phenomenal product."

- J. Gonzalez, Owner of a 4×4

I have been using your product on my 2001 PT Cruiser for the last 8½ years. I bought this car new in 2000. Every 6000 miles I use the engine additive and the fuel additive as directed. This morning I just broke 268,000 miles. Clearly this product works. I was raised believing that if you take care of your body it will take care of you. With zMAX it's easy to take care of your car so it takes care of you.

- R. Rinck, Long Island, NY

"At over 250,000 miles, it was driving much smoother."

I have a 1992 Jeep Wrangler that I use for off-roading and around town driving. I saw a TV commercial about zMAX and was a little skeptical, but since my Jeep has over 250,000 miles on her, I figured I would give zMAX a shot. I went down to the local auto store today and bought the zMAX treatments for the fuel system and the engine. I put them both in while still in the parking lot.....I noticed almost an immediate difference at idle, and it was driving much smoother within 10 miles or so. I can't believe the stuff really works!

- Eric Jansson, Fountain Valley, Ca

"After zMAX, my bike is now back out on the highway."

I wanted to let you know about my use of your product. I had filled up a couple of gas cans in order to fill my motorcycle. On putting gas into it one day, the bike ran terrible... coughed, sputtered, lost power. I was afraid to take it out on the roads for fear or it dying on me while being on a highway. I tried bottles and bottles of dry gas, gas treatment, etc. in the tank. It seems to help a bit, and then went right back to the way it was. I was out in the garage and found a bottle of zMAX that I had in the cupboard and figured it wouldn't hurt to put that in. I ran the bike in the garage for about 15 minutes and the problem started to clear right up. No more coughing, sputtering, nothing. I have since treated the gas left in the tank with zMAX and I'm now taking the bike back out on the highway. I just wanted to tell you how great your product works. I have told everyone I know about the bad gas I received and not to go to that station and get watered down gas. I am now telling everyone I know that zMAX cleared up my problem and am highly recommending it to all.

Thank you, you saved me a trip to my dealership to have them flush the tank and lots of service calls and dollars. zMAX is well worth the cost.

- Joseph S., Rochester, NY

"After zMAX, it runs spectacular and the sticky injectors are corrected."

My online purchase was seamless and I received my order promptly. I ordered 4 quarts of zMAX at the holiday special pricing. Thank you! I signed up for emails and look forward to receiving them.

I'd like to say that anyone who doubts the efficiency of zMAX needs to only try it. Case in point: I have a 1981 242 GLT Turbo Volvo, the first turbo Volvo ever made. I bought it brand new off the showroom floor 29 years ago. I recently got it back from the last of my three sons who all drove it during college. Needless to say it was trashed from neglect but it still ran. After refurbishing and servicing the car thoroughly, I changed the oil and added zMAX.

When I changed the oil at 3000 miles it was completely black. I then added zMAX at this second oil change and I can now barely see through the oil on the stick at 3K. The blow-by is gone and the engine is running nice and smooth, hence the 4 quart bottles sitting on the shelf ready for my service interval, which by the way, will be extended since the oil is so clean. My engine has 248K and the way it runs is simply spectacular. The valves are the same as when they were first adjusted at 12K. Volvo built this engine especially for the introduction of the Turbo and pulled out the stops in machining. zMAX brought it back to factory cleanliness and it is super smooth now. The fuel system with zMAX corrected the sticky mechanical injectors and it simply purrs for lack of another word.

Lastly, I have read many disparaging remarks about zMAX and the endorsement by Carroll Shelby. I'll simply say: I have never seen Shelby endorse anything. (If I missed a product, I may have been out of the country). zMAX is an old school proven formula that works. I trust the man and my experience with the product backs that up. Micro-lubrication has demonstrated itself to me as a thorough cleansing of the engine, especially the rings, replacing it with lubrication that lays the foundation for engine oil to perform its task.

Again, my engine has never run this smoothly in years. Thank you for listening, great product!

- Howard A.

"My mower is still going strong."

I have been a user of zMAX for at least 18 years and didn't realize really how great the product was till a couple of years ago when I went to change the oil in my old push mower. I turned it upside down and to my surprise there was NO oil in it!! Now I had always used zMAX in the gas and crankcase (about 7 years on this mower), so I wasn't too worried. I went ahead and put oil in the mower, started it up and it smoked and fouled up the spark plug…guess I had a gasket go bad or something…well I poured all the oil back out and cleaned the plug before starting it again…it started right up and ran great…again, with NO oil in it…only the years of using zMAX. It's been a couple years now and the mower is still going strong with no oil. I had to change out the pull start string the other day, and in doing so I looked into the crankcase…and yes…bone dry of any oil….


- Alan M.

Testing Experts

zMAX scientific testing summaries were produced by petrochemical and oil industry experts Maurice LePera and Gerald Keller. Additional input was provided by Oil-Chem Research Corporation's Ed Rachanski, Sr., James Klepal, and Bob Ziomek.

The tests conducted on zMAX are based on the accepted protocols as directed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). zMAX requires a "soak in" period in order to achieve maximum benefit, therefore, when necessary, the protocols have been modified only to include a "soak in" period for zMAX. The results of these tests show that zMAX soaks into metal; reduces friction; increases horsepower; dissipates engine heat; helps improve or restore gas mileage and reduce emissions in older cars, by virtue of reducing engine deposits; helps maintain gas mileage and emissions in newer cars, by virtue of reducing engine deposits; helps reduce engine wear on vital engine parts, by virtue of reducing engine deposits; and helps to extend engine life, by virtue of reducing engine deposits.

About Our Experts

Maurice Le Pera

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Delaware
  • Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Delaware
  • Product development chemist for Gulf Research and Development Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Research chemist for the U.S. Army Coating and Chemical Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
  • Chief of the Fuels and Lubricants Division at the U.S. Army Belvoir Research, Development & Engineering Center at Fort Belvoir, Virginia
  • Associate Director for Fuels & Lubricants at the U.S. Army Mobility Technology Center-Belvoir at Fort Belvoir
  • Authored or co-authored 55 technical publications and 43 formal government reports
  • Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers ("SAE")
  • Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers ("STLE")
  • American Society for Testing and Materials ("ASTM")
  • Provided expert testimony in support of two Federal Trade Commission investigations of advertising claims made on behalf of aftermarket lubricant additive products

Gerald Keller

  • MBA, Northwestern University Graduate School of Management
  • MS, Chemistry, University of Illinois
  • President/CEO, AutoResearch Laboratories Inc., Chicago, IL