Whether your engine runs daily or only when you need it, zMAX Micro-lubricant® is the forceagainst carbon build-up that can cause blow-by, loss of compression, excessive oil usage and high emissions. Carbon is like sandpaper rubbing on internal parts or debris build-up in a sliding door jamb. Combustion causes carbon and other harmful deposits to build up in your engine, fuel system and transmission. When those carbon deposits settle into the internal parts of your vehicle, friction and wear become damaging and can cause:

  • Blow-by and loss of compression
  • Premature wear
  • Decreased fuel mileage
  • Excessive oil usage
  • Exhaust smoke and high emissions

The only product of its kind, zMAX Micro-lubricant is not your typical additive. In fact, zMAX is not an additive at all. Additives only alter the fluids they are poured into. Instead, zMAX uses the oil, fuel and transmission fluids to reach internal parts where it soaks into the metal, putting it into a class of its own - "Micro-lubricant". By virtue of soaking into the metal to disperse carbon build-up, zMAX helps:

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce wear on vital engine parts
  • Extend engine life
  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve fuel mileage in older cars
  • Maintain fuel mileage in newer cars


Diesel Engines Need zMAX Too

Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio. On average, a gasoline engine has an average ratio of 8:1. An average diesel engine has a compression ratio of 20:1, which makes for a more powerful, smooth and efficient engine. However, it can cause engine knocking and an undesirable burn pattern, plus fuel injection issues such as lack of power.

Diesel fuel is more viscous than gasoline. Contaminants such as soot can penetrate the fuel system and lead to engine problems. This can also cause black exhaust smoke from faulty or clogged injectors, diesel pumps, air filters or EGR valves. zMAX helps keep the engine and fuel system clean by dispersing harmful carbon deposits, which improves performance. extends the life of your engine and reduces emissions. The same benefits apply to turbo chargers, too. Read about the impressive results the locomotive diesel industry is gaining by using zMAX.

Larger diesel engines (big rigs and RV's) also have a tendency to sit longer than the average vehicle. This can lead to improper lubrication with air getting into the oil causing air bubbles. These pockets can cause rust and friction on moving parts. Because it soaks into metal and weeps out over time, zMAX provides continuous lubrication on moving parts. (Note, zMAX does not replace the engine oil. Change your oil at the recommended interval.) Buy the zMAX Heavy Duty 3-pack or the zMAX Gallon for your best values. For larger quantities, call us at 888-534-1101.

Help your vehicle run more efficiently. What you can't see can hurt your engine, fuel system and transmission. Easy to use, add zMAX Micro-lubricant to your engine oil and fuel (gasoline or diesel) every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Use in your transmission after each flush. For larger vehicles, follow manufacturer's recommendation for oil change intervals, adding zMAX at those designated times.


Also for Firearms, Small Engines and More!

The zMAX Micro-lubricant formula works the same way in your firearms, small engines and other equipment by soaking into metal to break up carbon deposits. This "soaking in" allows zMAX to stay in the metal and slowly weep out providing continuous protection. Provides easier cleaning for firearms and easier starts for small engines. Read why customers love using zMAX. And view this video for actual zMAX testing on firearms.